Michihito Kageyama

"Previously I took my laptop into the tournament room to analyze some positions when I join backgammon tournament. However this time I took only my iPad at Backgammon World Championship 2012. I often checked some positions by using XG mobile. It's really fast and easy because iPad starts up in a few seconds, and I can arrange checkers by using touch screen.
I also used XG mobile as a warm-up partner before the tournament. I can feel like using a real board. That kind of feeling is very important for me, and of course I can analyze it easily.
I plan to use XG mobile at weekly tournament in a local club because I can analyze the match without using a lot of effort to record the match.
XG mobile extends my experience in backgammon."

Itikawa Masanori

"XG Mobile has impressive beautiful graphics, excellent user interface, and is very strong. I cannot complain about this app. The developer of this app must be a perfectionist.
I am very confident that XG Mobile is definitely best backgammon app for iOS. I recommend this app not only for backgammon players of all levels, but also for non-backgammon player who has iOS device. Beautiful graphics are very useful for introducing non-backgammon player to the backgammon world.
I use 2-players mode of this app on iPad for recording live matches. It saves very valuable time. Recording matches by video camera, watching videos, manual input of moves, these require too much time.
Check itikawa.com site which is the oldest and the biggest backgammon forum in Japan. You may find the secrets of Japanese backgammon. You cannot read Japanese? Learn Japanese for learning backgammon! :)"

Chris Yep

"I've had the pleasure of testing XG Mobile during its beta stage. As a long-time user (and huge fan) of eXtreme Gammon, I've been very pleased with XG Mobile. In addition to painstakingly eliminating bugs, Xavier has been very receptive to feedback on XG Mobile’s user interface and features. The final product is truly a work of art. I've spent many hours testing the final version and am confident that it is virtually bug-free and very stable. Even though I tested XG Mobile with an iPhone 4S, I never had difficulty using the program. Despite my small screen (compared to a desktop monitor), XG Mobile is just as easy to use as the desktop version (eXtreme Gammon). As I almost always have my phone with me, I can quickly check a position (e.g. from a tournament or chouette) or play a game against the computer during a few minutes of spare time. Backgammon players will appreciate many features of XG Mobile (Premium Version):
• An engine virtually identical to the desktop version (I verified this by checking many positions)
• Quick start-up and fast play
• An excellent user interface that is easy to understand (even for those who don't own the desktop version)
• Multiple intuitive ways to move the checkers (including some currently not available in the desktop version), roll the dice, and double. Unlike other backgammon apps that I've used, I have no problem accurately tapping the screen to use XG Mobile.
• The ability to quickly input any position and analyze it in 3-ply
• Regular, Tutor, and Competition mode (similar to those found in the desktop version)
• Immediate feedback (Performance Rating) at the end of every game
• Automatic saving of all games
• Export capability -- users can export a position or game (current or saved) in a matter of seconds via e-mail or iTunes

For about the price of a movie iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad users will be able to enjoy all these features and more. I highly recommend XG Mobile to all backgammon users. For casual players who still aren't sure if the app is worth $9.99, I recommend downloading the free Standard Version (some features are disabled) to try out the software. However, most likely you will soon end up upgrading to the Premium Version!